The benefits of the platform

  • International recognition
    Bric Trade is a leader in online trading industry, trusted and beloved by more than 1,000,000 clients.
  • Free DEMO account
    Free and replenishable $10,000 virtual funds in the DEMO account to practice and learn.
  • Low investment high profit
    $20 minimum input amount and up to 90% profit for a single trade.
  • No delay
    Deposit and withdraw funds using different payment methods and quick request process without any delay.
  • Free training
    Handy tips and educational video tutorials are built into the platform.
  • 24/7 Support
    Immediate feedback. Prompt multilingual service by professional and experienced client supports.

Deposit & Withdrawal

Multiple payment methods with no commission and no delay


A wide range of popular financial assets


Words from our trading community

Easy to navigate, no need of experience, all you need is stake then you'll begin to forget about football gambling...this is investment. From my own experience you'll only need to study the trend of what you want to make a deal on and BOOM. Money in your hands. Bric Trade is simply the best.


This is a very very nice Application for online trading. I can practice at demo account. This is a very good trading application; you can earn a lot of money by trading a few minutes on it and this application also gives you instant withdrawal. I traded on it for a few minutes and earned 1000 rupees, this is a very good application.


So far, I really want to thank the customer service for resolving my log in issues, they were very prompt in response and fixing the problem. I can now log in and out without any challenge. I think I can now recommend the app.


Best app for beginners or more advanced users, all the tools you need to start. This definitely is extremely useful in everyday life just to make all you're trades throughout the day.


Don't just comment it's a bad app or good app. I rated it 5 stars because I really like the interface and the app it's easy to use and user friendly. This platform only provides 1min call and put trade. Not really a bad deal. Nd those who are commenting they lost money or it's fraud then I suggest you to go and learn to analyze.


I've read positive and negative reviews about the app but I went ahead and downloaded it to test it for myself. I think it's a good app I love it, I love the free demo I enjoyed it. So, I am looking forward to open a real account and see how real trading would be like on this app. To sum up, I love it.


I strongly recommend Bric Trade platform to you because their efficiency. It is so good especially when it comes to customer support and news analysis. I have shared with all of my friends to download this app!!!


Fast and easy to earn, beginners should first learn appropriate method or techniques in the demo account and then you invest your money and earn lot of money. I started from $10 and now my balance is $653. The best part is that withdraw profits into my bank within 24hours, it's really nice for me!



  • 1. How to begin?

    A :

    You can begin trading on a demo-account immediately after the registration using virtual money. When you feel ready to earn real money on a real account, top it up and start trading. Press Deposit in your profile and choose the most convenient way of depositing. When you're done with depositing, you can start earning real money!

  • 2. How can I try without investments and risks?

    A :

    You can try your trading strategies on a demo-account without any risk to lose money or start trading on a real-account with a small amount of money.

  • 3. I chose "CALL(UP)" or "PUT(DOWN)" but did not understand what happened?

    A :

    When you press "call(up)" or "put(down)" you make a forecast with a specified expiration time, i.e., you predict how the price will change: raise or fall in 1 minute.

  • 4. How can I win?

    A :

    When your forecast expires, you may receive a profit if the price of an asset is changed in accordance with your forecast. All that you need is to predict price changing correctly.

  • 5.What are the purchase and expiration time of each trade?

    A :

    The chart shows two lines marking points in time. The purchase time is the first vertical line, the expiration time is shown by the second vertical line, and the light-yellow rectangle between these two lines is the 1-minute trading duration. An expiration time (or a time when your forecast ends) means the date and time when it is terminated. When the transaction crosses the second line, it closes automatically and you take either a profit or a loss for the result. If you have not opened a deal yet, both lines will be moving together to the right to mark the purchase deadline for the chosen expiration time.

  • 6. What is an asset?

    A :

    An asset is a trading instrument. You can earn money on its price difference in different periods of time. Assets can be currency pairs, companies'stocks, indices, commodities, etc.